Carlos wakes up in a psychiatric clinic with PTSD. His wife wants him to recover and return to their family and his psychiatrist is trying to help him. But Carlos can not find a way out of his mind. The only chance is to delve down into his nightmares and learn as much as possible. But reality can become much more confusing than nightmares…


  • Immerse yourself in a world of insanity.
    All the details from Carlos' nightmares and reality intersect in an unknown way. Caution! The boundaries of reality can be erased!

  • What line of conduct will you choose under the circumstances?
    The psychiatrist tries to dig into Carlos' secret thoughts. Should Carlos trust these people? Or has he completely lost his mind?

  • References to real events.
    References to real events and the Cuban setting create a unique atmosphere. 

  • Memorise details.
    You must memorise both the nightmares and reality to decipher what is happening and how you can solve it.


Double includes gameplay in two worlds - the real world and the dream.

  • Dreams:
    In dreams, the gameplay is a psychedelic 2d shooter with cover based gameplay. The boundaries of possible and impossible are erased, so the most unexpected can happen. Also, do not forget why you are here - gather information that can be useful in exploring the real world of the hero.

  • Reality:
    In the mental hospital gameplay is a quest based on dialogue and choices. The development of the plot depends on what decisions you make. Be careful - sometimes dreams can penetrate into reality.


An important element of the Cuban atmosphere is music: acoustic guitar is a traditional instrument in Cuba, mixed with electric guitar riffs and electronic instruments to add a modern feel and a psychedelic feeling. In total, we have a deep and intense sound, which literally sucks in the atmosphere of the game.